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Expert Software for automatic planning of production orders

Production planning system

Textile Manufacturing Simulation (TMS) is a shop floor planning tool with interfaces to ERP and MES systems. It is developed to create the most efficient production schedule for all active production orders (SFO’s).

The system has two main funtions:

  • Schedule simulation via graphical planboard
  • Planning rules editor

TMS benefits

  • Order meets their delivery date
  • Optimized machine utilization
  • Optimized Ressources and Energy costs
  • Optimized quality

Schedule simulation

The simulator calculates and graphically presents the optimum production schedule based on order and user specific planning rules e.g. article, color and customer.

Delivery dates of existing orders will be transmitted automatically from ERP-System and be considered to the production schedule. With the TMS the calculation of estimated dates for future orders is an easy task.

Machine compatibilities, machine capacity constraints like min. and max. width as well as fabric-machine incompatibilities are included in the planning. As a result, the best possible machine utilization is guaranteed and resources and costs for e.g. boil outs and heat settings can be saved.

The operator can use TMS System as interactive planboard for scenarios evaluation and can interfere with schedule suggestions. The possibility to filter after a single SFO for status information or a machine for its utilization is a useful supplement.

Planning rules editor

In addition to the physical constraints, the system considers the business logic of the customer and their production rules as well. These rules can determine which machines should be include in the production schedule based on inputs like fabric quality, color, customer, printing patterns, etc.

All rules can be created by a powerful rule editor, where rule scripts can be formulated, or they can be defined by a userfriendly rule wizard.

Interfaces and Integration

The System is fully integrated and synchronized with Sedo MES Systems SedoMaster and Sedo PPS SedoExpert. It is also possible to cooperate and exchange data with other MES and ERP/PPS solutions.


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