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Vandewiele has reached an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of Savio Group

This also includes Sedo Treepoint GmbH.

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Successful introduction of new Sedomat 8000 series


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International Textile and Garment Technology Exhibition + China International Textile Machinery Exhibition


National Exhibition and Convention Center

June 12. - 16., 2021

ITM 2021

35th International Textile Machinery Exhibition


Tüyap Fair, Convention and Congress Center Büyükçekmece

June 22. - 26., 2021


Brazilian Textile Exhibition


Parque Vila Germânica / PROEB

August 10. - 13., 2021


Optimize wash and rinse processes

For cost-effective and ecological treatments

Wash and rinse processes consume a lot of energy, resources and time. With Ecomat you can optimize your wash and rinse processes as well as the process time. This results in an increased machine efficiency, saving water and energy. Also the quality can be improved.

  • Online water clearness check during washing/rinsing after the dyeing process.
  • Optical RGB-technology allows the usage on any type of processes and fibers.
  • Easy to integrate and connect to all dyeing machines via Sedomat controller.

Fast payback and flexible usage

The rinsing cycle time will be shorten and less rinsing cycles are required. This will result in a fast payback.
Ecomat can be used on each machine or as a standalone solution. All data and functions can be easily operated on a Sedomat controller.

Adjustable setting and automatic progress

On the Sedomat, the values for RGB, the threshold and the signal strength can be set.
The Ecomat compares the measured values with the set values and automatically finishes the rinsing process and proceeds with the next function. On the visualization the user will be constantly informed about progress of the process.

Integration on machine

To achieve optimal results, the Ecomat should be integrated in the bypass of the liquor or alternatively in the reflow tank of the dyeing machine.

Integration on continuous machines

Ecomat can also be used on continuous machines, e.g.  on open-width or rope washing machines.


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Ecomat visualization
Ecomat visualization