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Sedomat 5000

Textile finishing automation - PLC integrated

The SEDOMAT 5000 is the cost effective solution for complete control and visualization of all types of textile dyeing and finishing machines. The active color display shows a windows user interface that requires little training.

The SEDOMAT 5000’s powerful "open concept" with internal PLC, Profibus DP field bus and remote input/output allows connectivity with most available peripherals. This future oriented concept enables a modular approach to machine automation.

The SEDOMAT 5000 can easily be integrated into a total CIM-concept.


  • 27 hours/day:
    By simultaneously executing two batches and several functions, the next batch can be prepared, while the current batch is still active. This increases the machine efficiency.
  • Windows user interface for a ­simple and intuitive operation.
  • Entry and management of ­processes.
  • Animated VGA mimic of the ­machine improves the process overview without providing a ­machine diagram on the panel.
  • PCMCIA memory card for data transfer and backup.
  • Interface to SedoMaster central system:
    • Entry of processes
    • Scheduling of batches on the machines
    • Graphic visualization of the process values
    • Flexible report generator, ...
  • Several languages and character sets (e.g. Chinese) are supported.
  • Allows logging of all process data, a must for ISO9000 certification
  • Storage and graphic evaluation of process data and events (e.g. operator calls, consumption, alarms, fabric length, stops, ...).
  • Barcode interface for lot tracking purposes.


  • Control of machines and functions of all types is guaranteed by the modular and free programmable PLC concept.
  • Link with a fully automatic dye kitchen for the preparation of dyestuff and chemicals.

Batch Processes

  • The SEDOMAT 5000 controls all batch dyeing machines such as Yarn, Jet, Jigger, Winch.
  • Control of temperature, time, speed, flow, differential pressure, pH, circulation control, dosing and Remazol®,...
  • Coupled operation (Master/Slave)

Continuous processes

  • The SEDOMAT 5000 controls all continuous machines such as singeing machines, bleaching ranges, mercerizing machines, washing machines, dryers, continuous dyeing machines, stenters, shrinking machines, decating machines, calenders, raising and emery machines, etc.
  • Control of speed, residual moisture, exhaust air humidity, fabric temperature, dwell time, shrinking and stretching, pH, fabric width, etc...

Open concept featuring less wiring

Internal PLC (PLCPROG and IEC 61131)

All intelligence for the complete control of a textile finishing machine is integrated in the SEDOMAT 5000. The process know how (process editing and execution) as well as the machine know how (PLC program) are available in the SEDOMAT 5000.

There is no longer any need for a separate, external PLC so reducing the hardware requirements. There are two ways of programming the internal PLC software:

1. PLCPROG compatible PLC. All PLC programs written for SEDOMAT 2000 or 3500 will also run on the SEDOMAT 5000. So there is no need to rewrite existing PLC programs.

2. IEC1131 compliant PLC. This soft-PLC offers the following advantages:

    • Windows programming interface
    • Standard programming languages, variables and operator
    • Faster implementation
    • I/O independent programming
    • Arithmetic calculations
    • Unlimited number of timer and counter etc. by using the principle of instances
    • Powerful library and debugging functionality’s
    • Multitasking
    • Event driven...

PROFIBUS DP field bus

PROFIBUS DP is a world wide accepted standard field bus for the connection of inputs, outputs, frequency inverters, PLC components, sensors, valves, remote displays etc. This standard industry bus has been chosen as part of our open connectivity strategy.

The field bus concept significantly reduces the panel building overhead by eliminating a large part of the wiring.

World wide, thousands of PROFIBUS DP ready peripherals are available so providing an enormous choice of components. This flexibility and freedom of choice will have a positive effect on performance and price of the machine automation.

The PROFIBUS DP field bus is supported by Siemens, Klöckner Moeller, Mitsubishi, Matsushita, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Weidmüller, Wago, Lenze, KEB, Hitachi, Festo, Parker, etc.

Remote Input/Output

We offer a smaller (PROFI 16) and a bigger (PROFI 32) REMOTE Input/Output unit with PROFIBUS DP interface including digital as well as analogue inputs and outputs. They are designed for the automation of textile finishing machines and are compatible with modules from other suppliers.




VGA LCD active color display 640 x 480 pixels

Field bus:

Profibus DP Master to connect remote Input/Output

Serial I/O:

2 x RS232 interface for connection of PC, barcode
reader, modem


Interface for PCMCIA memory card (SRAM)

Power supply:

24 V DC, 1.6 A

Ambient temperature:

0 - 50 °C (32 - 122 °F)


483 x 265.9 x 135mm (w x h x d )

Panel cut out:

448 x 250mm (w x h) ± 2mm


Sedomat 5000
Sedomat 5000
Option: Remote Display TE50
Option: Remote Display TE50